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Work Smarter, Not Harder!

My Name is John Bell, many of you know me from various traffic systems I have created over the years that have been able to get you low cost and even free traffic to your websites to build your list and generate sales. Like most traffic exchange surfers, I always find myself surfing the same small handfull of traffic exchanges. While I do love to surf a few a lot, there are some that I don't like to surf at as much, and many great ones I have yet to personally even discover. I still, however, want to be able to have my ads seen by all the traffic exchange users who are members of other sites that I don't use often enough.

Who has time to surf Thousands of Traffic Exchanges?

Have you ever searched for a new Traffic Exchange to advertise on? The keyword generates over 19 million results on Google, and my Tracking Service alone has registered over 5,000 different Traffic Exchanges. Who has time for that? Let this simple system Explode your traffic marketing to whole new heights, we will get you an unlimited amount of views from thousands of top traffic exchanges, and all you have to do is keep surfing your favorite!

The Solution is Simple yet Explosive!

With Explosive Traffic, the solution is simple. All you have to do is add your sites, and keep surfing the traffic exchanges you love, our simple system will do the rest for you, on autopilot. We will get you more unique viewers across thousands of traffic exchanges.

Get Traffic from Thousands of Different Sources

Are you someone that doesn't like to surf, but instead prefers to buy credits? It's hard to know where to buy credits to get the best results, Explosive Traffic is an easy solution, our aggressively priced credit packages will be sure to get your ads seen on not just one or two traffic exchanges, but thousands including those on top lists everywhere!

Get Traffic from Thousands of Different Sources

View real time stats of your sites and see how many hits you get, how many unique hits you get, and where your hits are coming from! We're not giving you cheap automated traffic, we are giving you only the highest quality in manual traffic. You've seen Co-Ops before but you've never gotten to choose where your traffic comes from! See the sources update in real time and if you don't like where it's coming from, simply block it and we will never use your credits on that source again. We have also developed brand new exclusve technology that will Automatically block your sites from being shown on sources that many of our members view as 'bad traffic' or low quality sources, saving your credits for only the best quality traffic sources!


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